Diamond D Ranch

Fahren of Wye UMF 5830

Calved 1/31/1986
Reg. # 10762574

          Lodge of Wye 4020202GDF 
     Favour of Wye 6418161 
          Florilla of Wye 4020194 
Fenland of Wye 8179863 
          Prince of Malpas 2776941 
     Fine of Wye #4020181 
          Fauna of Wye 3323282 

          Cowles of Wye 9255702 
     Butler of Wye 9701171 
          Bayonne of Wye 9226671 
Florelle of Wye Umf 5229 #10319366 
          Fabron of Wye 2467117 
     Frannie of Wye #6418040 
          Florella of Wye 3146330

We have been using Fahern of Wye for 20 years now. We still have daughters in the herd at 19 years old. We have stacked Fahren in some of our pedigrees 5 or 6 times and will continue to do so with bulls like 21X, 5Z, 6D, 27C, 2E, 76E, 26F and 68F. There are very few cows and bulls at DDA that do not trace to Fahren. The maternal function in Fahren is unmatched. Fahren has been an instrumental part of molding our renowned herd into what it is today.

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