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The registered black angus cattle here at Diamond D Angus remain consistent over generations because we have followed the same reliable program for many years. Our breeding program has proven that you don't need to breed for extreme numbers to have great cattle. We feel that if you breed for extremes, you will lose the basic traits which make the Angus mother cow great. The only extremes you will find at Diamond D Angus are extremely functional, efficient cows.

The grass-fed beef market is an additional benefit here at the ranch. Diamond D Angus has "proven genetics" which are suitable for the grass-finished beef market, and as always, are still suitable for the feedlot. Ultrasound and research have confirmed that these cattle are superior in tenderness.

Remember, efficiency has more to do with profit than any other trait. We have blended a unique combination of economic type traits designed for the commercial cattlemen, feed-lots, and packers, which will be an outcross to most herds. Thanks to the fleshing ability of our cattle, our cows, calves, and long yearling bulls look great without supplement or creep. All of the cattle at Diamond D Angus are strictly on a forage only diet, including sale bulls which are forage developed.

These animals at Diamond D Angus will finish at 1250-1350 pounds at choice grade, on good quality pasture, good quality hay, or in the feed-lot. The main key is to have the right genetics. The right genetics will give you a consistent quality which gives a great eating experience.

Customers have reported that they have had over 70% of their finished beef qualify for the Certified Angus Program, with the national average being less than half that average.

In our small registered red Angus herd we are striving for the same functional traits that we have in our blacks.

We offer 110 forage developed bulls and 100 forage developed, bred females at or sale annually.

Our Forage developed bulls will last longer and service more cows for more years than bulls fatted in a feed lot.

The Maternal Angus mother cow that you will find here will also last longer and have more calves and make more money than cows that have been breed for maximum growth and performance.

We offer semen from some of our favorite forage developed herd sires. For a Sale Catalog or Semen Catalog please contact Diamond D Angus for more information.

Visitors are always welcome! We hope to see you on November 14, 2019 for our Annual Sale...

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November 14, 2019