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Jad Fremont Z6306

Calved 04/05/2012
Reg. #17472365

          Shoshone Lud 840 AAA 14597996
     JAD Prudent Lad 6157 AAA 14893110
          Shoshone Prudence 6157 AAA 11637031
JAD EX T3199 AAA 16029920
          Shoshone Euston 3131 AAA 12706458
     Shoshone Ester 731-3199 AAA 13498550
          HBR Ester 3128-731 AAA +12933526
          Shoshone Pyus 6157 AAA 12647010
     Shoshone Pivot 6159 AAA 13746428
          Shoshone Prudence 6159 AAA 11637034
Shoshone Frances 6306 AAA 14039458
          Shoshone Egan 3128 AAA +12846142
     Shoshone Frances 6347 AAA 13487661
          Shoshone Frances 6357 AAA #11154945

# Pathfinder + Embryo Transplant

This pedigree combines some of the very best Shoshone maternal genetics. The Great Grandmother is also the mother to our Shoshone 130 bull. The Shoshone 130 is the maternal Grand sire to some of our great sires we are using today, like DDA Emblazon 27C and DDA Lodge E5H. John Dockweiler writes about this great sire. "It takes time to concentrate genetically superior cows into every slot of an animal’s recent recorded ancestry. Once that has been done, it provides a certain stability and predictability." We recently sold 1000 straws of semen in Uruguay.

* Co Owned with John Dockweiler and Scott Shively.

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