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H A R Pinebank 443 202

Calved 03/27/2012
Reg. # 17505028

          Pinebank Waig 5/93 NZAA 3593
     Pinebank Waig 31/95 NZAA 3195
          Pinebank Waig 58/93 NZAA 5893
Pinebank Waigroup 41/97 AAA #14959541
          Tupurupuru 838/86 NZAA 37687
     Pinebank 639/88 NZAA 3988
          Pinebank 663/85 NZAA 231848

          D D A Ambush 20Y AAA 13058668
     DDA Ally 69C AAA 14095676
          Galatea Diamond 006 AAA 11369733
DDA Stella 443 AAA 14663400
          O C C Emblazon 854E AAA #+12514348
     DDA Stella 216 AAA 14226680
          Dda Stella 057 AAA 13647080

# Pathfinder + Embryo Transplant

This is a 3/4 brother to the 50H. Bulls with this kind of fertility and drive will sire fertile, feminine females. This bull is very correct with great feet. The 202 bull is a very impressive individual. To say he is a breeding machine would be an understatement. As a two year old he bred 75 out of 77 three year old heifers. At the age of 3 he bred 77 out of 80 three year olds. On the first jump at the semen collection center, he produced just under 500 straws of very concentrated semen. If you want fertile replacement females you need to use very fertile bulls. Diamond D Angus has always bred cattle with longevity and fertility. The average birth weight on 65 bull calves born at Diamond D Angus is 75 pounds. 

Josh Freiberger, owner of Hague Angus Ranch, bought our DDA Stella 443 cow for a foundation for his registered herd. She is the mother of the 202 bull; she is a beautiful cow at the age of 12.

Co- owners Diamond D Angus and Hague Angus Ranch, NE.

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