Diamond D Ranch

DDA Ledger 76E

Calved 3/12/2004
Reg. # 14663459

          Fenland of Wye 8179863 
     Fahren of Wye Umf 5830 10762574 
          Florelle of Wye Umf 5229 #10319366 
D D A Fahren 21X 12773616 
          Carty of Wye Umf 6952 11773159 
     D D A Melisa 549 12320123 
          D D A Melisa 381 #11895136 

          Leonid of Wye #9899946 
     Bartor of Wye Umf 5609 10635399 
          Bayette of Wye #9255712 
D D A Zelda 409 12094295 

          Black Browe Jumbo 37P 10249594 
     Miss Diamond Jumbo 580 #10701993 
          Diamond Henretta 368 10289299 

What a great family on this 21X son. His mother had her 14th calf at Diamond D Angus this past spring. Her, Mother, the 580 cow, stayed in production until she was 20 and her mother, the 368 cow, till she was 22 years old.

76E has great depth and length. He is very correct on his feet and legs and he is a great athlete.

It appears that 21X has passed on great calving ease. DDA Ledger 76E's 25 sons averaged 73 pounds at birth and his 20 heifer calves averaged 69 pounds.

76E has just a tick more frame than 21X.

Semen Sold Out

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