Diamond D Ranch

DDA Freemen 68F

Calved 3/28/05
Reg. # 15165535

         D H D Traveler 6807 #10858958 
     O C C Emblazon 854E #+12514348 
          Dixie Erica of C H 1019 9973782 
DDA Emblazon 27C 14257843 
          Shoshone 130-6357 12221656 
      D D A Melisa 824 #13054587 
         D D A Melisa 545 12320119 

          Umf Action of Wye 7090 11965748 
     D D A Action 21-6 12538905 
          Miss Diamond Chance 779 #10989873 
Kerry 282 Dda 14095608 
          Fahren of Wye Umf 5830 10762574 
     D D A Kerry 834 13020365 
          D D A Kerry 680 #12534163

We really like this set of DDA Freemen 68F sons. They have a lot of eye appeal. What a great maternal pedigree! 68F was bought by Tallgrass Beef in the fall of 2006. He's been in Mississippi every since and has adapted well to the heat & humidy. Other ranchers in the south have used 68F with great success.

He has depth, volume, fleshing ability and a great temperament. The average birthweight on his 17 bull calves at DDA is 76 pounds and his 18 heifer calves averaged 74 pounds.

Semen Available

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