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Banjo of Wye UMF 6413

Calved 2/01/89
Reg. # 11216396

         Fabron of Wye 2467117 
     Corbin of Wye 4613484 
          Colleen of Wye 1559908                     
Lonestar of Wye 7478224 

          Prince of Malpas 2776941 
     Luria of Wye #4020176 
          Lolita of Wye 3323316 

          Perseus of Wye 9207175 
     Leonid of Wye #9899946 
          Leah of Wye 6026220 
Blackbird of Wye Umf 5362 #10319253 
          Father of Wye 5221331 
     Babine of Wye 9911895 
          Babs of Wye #9493700

We like lining up Banjo of Wye in the pedigree. One of our favorite cows in the herd is a 13 year old Banjo daughter. He puts tremendous muscle and fleshing ability in his off-spring. One of our very favorite herd sires is 6D which is out of a Banjo Dam.

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