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Mark and Cathy DeBoo
Mark and Cathy DeBoo
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Diamond D Angus would like to thank all of our past and future customers for believing in and supporting our program. Some might say we are out of the main stream. We have chosen to put a lot more emphases on functional and economic traits rather than EPD's. During the 1980's, cattle were being bred to look like race horses - all legs and no guts. Many of the functional traits were left behind in the race for big numbers. We did not follow this trend; instead, choosing to breed for just classic Angus traits. While we have not bred cattle for carcass numbers, our ultrasound numbers are very good. This is an indication that just good basic Angus have always had good meat quality. Our commercial industry needs great cattle, not cattle with great numbers. Breeding cattle with great numbers is easy. Breeding great cattle is a challenging task.

  • Consistency - Diamond D Angus genetics will breed more true - - due to the many years of intensive line breeding. u Calving ease - We have always put emphases on good calving ease. We typically will not use a bull on cows that we would not also use on first calf heifers.

  • Carcass - Ultrasound has proven that DDA cattle excel in the grass fed beef industry, and as always, are still suitable for the feed lot. Diamond D Angus cattle have proven to be consistently superior in tenderness.

  • Efficiency - For many years, the cows and calves have been weighed at weaning and condition scores are given. Typically our cows are weaning calves weighing 50% of their own weight or greater. We prefer a 4-frame cow weighing 1200 to 1300 pounds in good flesh.

  • Longevity - Most traits can be compared to a chapter in a book, but longevity is the entire book. Diamond D Angus has numerous cows that are still in the herd at the age of fifteen and beyond. u Experience - We have the benefit of sixty three years in the cattle business and forty four years in the registered Angus business.


Forage Developed Our forage developed coming two year old bulls will offer.

  • More fertile and cover more cows.

  • Will continue to gain weight through first breeding season.

  • No bulls feet or legs ruined due to hot feed.

  • More years service.

  • Less injuries and breeding problems.

  • Bulls are more conditioned to the real world.

The emphasis here on the ranch has been placed on efficiency, moderate frame, and high maternal mothers. We like a 4-frame cow that will weigh 1250 to 1350 pounds in good flesh. These are the cows that will last in the herd. This is not a new direction or philosophy for Diamond D Angus. We have been on a consistent course with very little variation for over forty five years.


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