Cheap Corn

The days of cheap corn are over. I believe it will be necessary for cattlemen to gear there genetics to utilize more forage and less corn. Some of today’s modern genetics have been bred to perform on a high corn ration and they do very well on that type of diet. Corn was cheap and it worked well. The problem with those genetics are, corn is no longer cheap. The demand for corn will stay high, because ethanol and human consumption, like corn syrup, you find it in almost everything today. High ration corn diet for cattle will be too expensive.

I don’t look for the use of corn in feed lots to go away, however I believe feed lots will be utilizing more forages in there rations. I think the cattle that are capable of performing well on forage will be worth a premium. Big frame cattle require a lot of corn or other expensive feeds to finish. Moderate frame type will work better in today’s high feed costs.

We have been line breeding moderate framed, low maintains cattle at Diamond D Angus for over 30 years. Our cattle are never pampered, just grass, water, salt, mineral and sun shine. Bulls are 100% forage developed. They will be more fertile, stay sounder, less injuries, last longer than bulls fatted in a feed lot.


The photo is of a forage developed bull we sold in our 2006 sale. Our customer Dale Murray took the photo. To say the least he was very happy with his bull.DDA Profit Center 22F 2011