Diamond D Ranch

Pinebank 41/97

Calved 10/4/1997
Reg. # 14959541

          Pinebank Waigroup 61/91 006191Z 
     Pinebank Waig 5/93 003593Z 
          Pinebank 679/87 241170Z 
Pinebank Waig 31/95 003195Z 
          Pinebank Waigroup 73/91 007391Z 
     Pinebank Waig 58/93 005893Z 
          Pinebank 653/89 009653Z 
          Glanworth 341/84 036738Z 
     Tupurupuru 838/86 037687Z 
          Tupurupuru 853/83 225596Z 
Pinebank 639/88 003988Z 
          Waigroup 28/83 037046Z 
     Pinebank 663/85 231848Z 
          Pinebank 622/82 216657Z

There are very few programs around the world which have put as much emphases on functional and economic traits as we have here at Diamond D Angus. Due to the trust of the people that were involved in getting the Waigroup genitcs to the USA, we felt very comfortable that this could be a great out-cross sire for DDA. Their program in New Zeeland is 100% forage, no extras. Like our cattle here at DDA they have great depth and fleshing ability. We will offer for sale our first set of his sons on Nov. 8, 2007.

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