Diamond D Ranch

MH Mick 53

Calved 3/27/05
Reg. # 15993873

         QAS TRAVELER 23-4 #
     DHD TRAVELER 6807 #
         BEMINDFUL MAID DHD 0807#                    
OCC EMBLAZON 854E # +12514348

          PBC 707 1M F0203 # 
     DIXIE ERICA OF C H 1019 
          DIXIE ERICA OF C H 615 

          LAMBDIN OF WYE UMF 6278 
    BEAR OF WYE UMF 6591 
          Leah of Wye 6026220 
Blackbird of Wye Umf 5362 #10319253 
          DDA MELISA 545 12320119 
     FAHREN OF WYE UMF 5830 
          DDA MELISA 115

You would have to see Mick to get a feel for how much depth and volume he has. I am very impressed with this bull. His mother is our 545 cow, sold to Monte Howrey many years ago. 
She is also the Grand Dam to 27C. Mick was raised in the very non-pampered environment of North Dakota. His body condition is the result of a 100% forage diet, like all of the
Diamond D Angus’ cattle.

We already have a growing market for semen on Mick in South America.
MH Mick 53 is co-owned with Monte Howrey, South Dakota. u Semen Available

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