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Hyland BC 0668

Calved 3/11/06
Reg. # 15528673

      Fabron of Wye AAA 2467117 
    Career of Wye AAA 3323325   
         Clarice of Wye AAA 2157923  
Lodge of Wye AAA 4020202 [RTF]    
         Prince of Malpas AAA 2776941  
    Lorena of Wye AAA 3009459   
         Devotion of Wye AAA 1414320  
         Leonid of Wye AAA #9899946  
    Mistic of Volga 2018 AAA +13753156   
         Margaret of Volga 9009 AAA #11399082  
Hyland Barbara 0266 AAA #14304783    
         Leroy of Volga 9874 AAA 13163694  
    Barbara of Volga 2094 AAA 13750055   
         Barbara of Volga 9835 AAA 13163705  
              # Pathfinder + Embryo Transplant      

This is the first bull that we have purchased in seven years. When we saw this great pedigree, we thought what an opportunity to continue lining up the same goodness that Fahren came from. His dam is line bred good old Wye and Rito 707, she is truly a great maternal cow.

His sire, Lodge of Wye, is one of the very few sires that has been proven genetict defect free. Lodge of Wye also ranks #2 in the breed for $EN.

Rick Hyland used this bull in South Dakota in the spring. As a yearling we used him as clean up at Diamond D Angus. I believe he has gained weight the entire time.

Acorss the board his ultrasound numbers looked great, including tenderness at a 26 and all other categories in the blue.

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