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Favour of Wye

Calved 3/22/1969
Reg. # 6418161

           Fabron of Wye 2467117 
     Career of Wye 3323325 
          Clarice of Wye 2157923 
Lodge of Wye 4020202GDF 
          Prince of Malpas 2776941 
     Lorena of Wye 3009459 
          Devotion of Wye 1414320 

          Prince Paul of Barnoldby (142220) 
     Valour of Ardrass 2632813 
          Vacuna of Calehill (142834) 
Florilla of Wye 4020194 
          Gaird of Dalmeny 973596 
     Pamela G of Wye 1273114 
          Princetta Joy of Wye 733473

The Fenland, Lodge, Favour and Fahren lines we feel are the strongest maternal lines of the Wye cattle with near perfect udder quality, great temperaments and mothering ability. Their daughters seem to be able to stay in the herd for more than ten years and some times even up to twenty years...

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