Diamond D Ranch

DDA Lazer 114I

Calved 5/22/08
Reg. #16256306 

           fahren of wye umf 5830
     dda fahren 21x
           dda melisa 549
dda ledger 76e Reg 14663459
           bartor of wye umf 5609
     dda Zelda 409
           Miss diamond jumbo 580 #
           dhd traveler 6807 #
     occ emblazon 854E # +
           dixie erica of c h 1019
dda sandy 215 Reg 14226679
           dda shoshone 34x
     dda sandy 080
           miss diamond jumbo 587

114I has developed into a very impressive young bull. He is very deep, long and thick with a lot of eye appeal. He is very masculine and has a great temperament.

Last fall, I had an opportunity to see a set of calves sired by him in NE and was very impressed. Thank you R.P. Smith, famous cowboy poet. His 12
bull calves at DDA have averaged 80 pounds at birth, while his 13 heifers averaged 72 pounds.

Semen Available.

Sons Selling: 25L, 68L, 99L, 117L and 118L.

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