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DDA Favour 26F

Calved 3/19/2005
Reg. # 15435944

         Career of Wye 3323325 
     Lodge of Wye 4020202GDF 
          Lorena of Wye 3009459 
Favour of Wye 6418161 
          Valour of Ardrass 2632813 
      Florilla of Wye 4020194 
          Pamela G of Wye 1273114 

         Lambdin of Wye Umf 6278 11060743 
     Bear of Wye Umf 6591 11384275 
         Blackbird of Wye Umf 6324 #11060784 
D D A Zelda 421 12094274 
         Fahren of Wye Umf 5830 10762574 
     Zelda Diamond 902 #11211838 
         Miss Diamond Jumbo 580 #10701993 

We have preserved some of the very best maternal Wye lines in his pedigree. Favour of Wye is the grand sire to Fahren of Wye. We feel that much of the good in Fahren is coming from Favour.

The dam to 26F is also the dam to our DDA Broadside 52B. His grand dam, the 902 cow, was the mother to DDA Bartor 47 who left great daughters in ther herd. Her mother, the 580 cow, who stayed in production till she was 20 and her mother, the 368 cow, until 22 years of age. When I think of the maternal goodness and longevity in this pedigree only one thing comes to mind. Wow!

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