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DDA Fahren 21X

Calved 2/01/1997
Reg. # 12773616   

          Favour of Wye 6418161 
     Fenland of Wye 8179863 
          Fine of Wye #4020181 
Fahren of Wye Umf 5830 10762574 
          Butler of Wye 9701171 
     Florelle of Wye Umf 5229 #10319366 
          Frannie of Wye #6418040 

          Bear of Wye Umf 6591 11384275 
     Carty of Wye Umf 6952 11773159 
          Clova of Wye Umf 6686 11384343 
D D A Melisa 549 12320123 
          Mc Gill Creek Blaze 0241 11585900 
     D D A Melisa 381 #11895136 
          D D A Melisa 115 11603342 

DDA Fahren 21X is a line bred Fahren of Wye. The Fahren daughters we have are some of the best cows we have ever owned. They are deep, thick, and very functional with almost perfect udder quality. We have Fahren daughters that are very sound at 19 years of age. The temperament of his off-spring is second to none. You will also want to use him on your cows and save every daughter he produces. Initial tests of his calves look great, for grass fed beef. His semen is in high demand and has been used all across the USA with outstanding satisfaction.

Don't miss this opportunity as semen is somewhat limited. At our last three sales his sons have averaged $3879. A top selling son, DDA Ledger 16G sold to Donnie and Trish Feiring for $6000. They had purchased another great 21X son, DDA Ledger 69D at our 2004 sale. High selling bull in our 2005 Sale was a 21X son which sold to Ben & Jennifer Dimond, "Dimond Angus Ranch" and Bob Berger for $10,500.

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