Diamond D Ranch


Calved 5/1/10
Reg. # 16878656 

            Lonestar of Wye
      Banjo of Wye UMF 6413
            Blackbird of Wye UMF 5362 #
DDA Banjo 110
            Black Browe Jumbo 37P
      Miss Diamond Jumbo 587
            Miss Diamond Chance 334

            Paramount Ambush 2172 #
      High Valley 4C6 Ambush #
            High Valley Gloria 1Q2
DDA Galetea 031
            Banjo of Wye UMF 6413 #
      DDA Galetea 423
            Galetea Diamond 006

We are very excited about this young bull. Phenotypically, he is very correct. He is long bodied with great depth and thickness. Very good temperament. He is double bred Banjo of Wye. His mother is 14 years old and still in production. Diamond D Angus will be using this young bull very heavily in the upcoming years. .His 28 bull calfs at DDA had an average birth weight of 76 pounds each and his 42 heifers averaged 75 pounds each. Sons Selling: 87N, 93N, 94N, 110N, 116N, and 118N

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November 8, 2018